The Most Underrated “Overrated” Player Ever

Bryce Harper is a two time National League MVP, one of the most productive hitters in baseball for more than a decade, 7-time All Star, and newly crowned NLCS MVP. Yet, the title thrown around most frequently about him through the years seems to be “Overrated”.

Not only is Harper so obviously not overrated, the hate the last few years has swung so far, that now Harper is underrated. Over his 11 year career, his average season is Hall of Fame caliber.

A lot of the backlash against Harper is based on his personality, his paycheck, and his Nationals team winning the year after he left. But the numbers tell a different story. Over his career, he’s clearly been one of the best offensive forces in the game:

Harper’s Ranks among Active Players:
Offensive WAR (42)- 14th
On Base % (.390) – 5th
Slugging % (.523) – 8th
OPS+ (142) – 6th

This year he has led the team to the playoffs, and once on the October stage, he’s delivered

.418-.434-.837- 1.271 OPS- 10 R- 5 HR- 11 RBI (11 games).

We’re talking an ALL TIME great post-season, leading the 6th seed Phillies to the World Series.

You could find thousands of tweets, columns, and talking heads bemoaning the contract Harper signed with the Phillies, even during his MVP 2021 season. Put quite simply, his play on the field has not only lived up to the hype…it’s MORE than lived up to the AAV of 25.5M. Not only are the Phillies not disappointed, they are psyched they got such a bargain.

I bet the Harper Haters feel stupid, looking back at the times they shit on him. Like the time they took the side of the washed up loudmouth moron Jon Papelbon, when he pretended someone as talented as Harper should have to listen to him…

Quite simply, Papelbon was essentially not even playing the same sport as Bryce Harper. The difference in talent, ability, accomplishments, and intelligence was so heavily weighted in favor of Harper, Pap shouldn’t have even be allowed to speak to him.

Bryce Harper is underpaid, underappreciated, and UNDERRATED. I for one can’t wait to watch him continue one of the great post-season runs of our lifetime, and will enjoy as he continues to shut up the critics on his way to Cooperstown.

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