C’s Win & I’m a Mazzulla Guy

The Celtics heard me….and they responded.

The team shoots 56% from the floor, they put up 126, the Jay’s combine for 70 (35 each), Brogdon & G-Will gave huge contributions from the bench, and they absolutely dominated the Sixers in a no-doubt, MUST WIN opener at the Garden Tuesday night.

Defensively, they gave up some points, but I’m not exactly alarmed. They are not going to be at their peak without Rob Will, and Horford seemed to be a little hampered. They had something called a Vanleh getting minutes matching up with All World Center Embiid, and it’s never easy to stop James Harden…especially when he’s inexplicably skinny.

A great start for the players, to me, overshadows the main story here, however. New coach Joe Mazzulla was able to steer the team through an absolutely disastrous last few weeks and make sure this potentially combustible group of players came out focused and ready to go. And not only that….HOLD ON TO A FOURTH QUARTER LEAD. An ability that has somehow eluded this team under the last 2 coaches.

I’m going on record…I’m a Mazzulla guy. He’s a local-ish guy. Went to Bishop Hendricken in Warwick, the same high school as famed Italian Americans Rocco Baldelli and Pete “The Meat” Sheppard. With a pedigree like that, he’s bound to be a stud.

Not to mention, I’ve heard through sources “in the building”, Mazzulla has pledged TOTAL ABSTINENCE for the 22-23 Season. In a reported meeting Team officials told him “Joe, that’s completely unnecessary, you can have sex with your spouse or partner…we literally can’t stop that, nor would try”, to which Mazzulla replied “‘No sex til June’ is the new ‘Ubuntu’ ’round here”. I for one am relieved.

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