This is Not a Drill. It’s a 5 Alarm QB Controversy

Gotta say, leading up to this fall, I had little to no interest in the Patriots’ season…well, relatively speaking. Of course I’d watch the games, and get caught up in team goings on- good or bad- but not to the extent of the fandom I’ve had for most of my life. Maybe it was part of the comedown from 20 or so years of greatness, or just part of getting old, is what I thought.

Now, as we are here, 6 weeks in, I realize it was just that the Patriots were a boring ass franchise. Not good enough to win anything, and not bad enough to embrace a rebuild. Just a middling team with ZERO compelling story lines. That is, until now.

Because unless you’re a fool darlin’, we are about to be smack in the middle of a prime time


This is it…the cure to what ails me. Christ, it even got me off my ass to blog for the first time in who knows how long.

It has everything you want. Wildly hot takes. Second guessing. Coaching decisions. Contracts. Eventually escalating to trade talk….it’s the holy grail of sports talk. And for the first time in over 20 years, we as Patriots’ fans have our very own.

Let’s break this down, shall we

Mac Attack

Mac is the 2nd year first round pick with a pedigree. A polished National Champion, he had a pretty successful rookie campaign, one that his defenders have weaponized. From his side, you’re already hearing haughty dismissals of the very notion there could be a controversy, as if a pretty good rookie season (and 3 terrible games in ’22), are some type of birthright for the QB job here. Like the 89.9 Career QB rating is a sign of potential greatness, and not a sign of probable Grbac-ness.

Zappe Fever

Zappe is sitting at 2-0, having outscored opponents 67-15. He has looked better throwing the ball than Jones has at all this year, and arguably better than Jones has in over a year. Reading the tea leaves, er, I mean leaks from team-friendly “media guys” and ex players, the story being pushed now is that players are responding to him, and “having fun” playing right now. The fact that these narratives directly, and near verbatim, dispute the criticisms of Bill and the team over the last 3 months, is probably total coincidence.


Ultimately as a fan I want the best guy. But until we know who that is, I’m going to enjoy the hell out of everyone bending themselves into pretzels to back their guy.

Mac Guy: You can’t possibly go with Zappe over Mac. We have no idea what Zappe is, he’s only played a couple of games. Could be a total fluke.

Zappe Guy: But we’ve seen what Mac is, and it’s pretty much average. Why not go with the unknown.

Mac Guy: Pfft, idiot. Mac is still an unknown too. He has only played 19 games, and he’ll get better.

– Conversation at Sully’s Tap, probably

This is how I anticipate the next few weeks and months going. Fitzy Fanboys who have made up their mind Mac is THE Guy, pretending he doesn’t have a noodle arm, overrating his career this far and pretending he is a Proven, so deserves the job over Zappe, yet still unproven enough that he will overcome all his flaws.

Which is why I’m testing positive for Zappe Fever baby! I’m riding with my guy Bailey, arguing he’s clearly the right guy based on what he’s shown in 2 games, while belittling the people making the mirror argument right back at me. It’s the spider man meme. And that’s what QB controversies are all about, baby!!!!!!

Gun to my head, neither of these guys will get a second contract of any significance here, and the next franchise QB isn’t on the team yet.

But that’s ok, because I’ll enjoy the shit out of this controversy while it lasts.

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