Hardcore is Having a Moment

It’s finally happening, folks.

Hardcore is having a moment.

At the end of 2021, the Baltimore boys in Turnstile released what was easily the record of the year with their latest hardcore masterpiece Glow On.

And now early in 2022 we have a first quarter contender for Record of the Year from Albany’s Drug Church.

Drug Church’s latest release Hygiene is their fourth record and man alive does it catch all those warm and snuggly hardcore feels.

Like Q-Tip famously foretold, “Things go in cycles…” so while nearly every musical genre from Disco to Pop Punk has been “revived” lately it’s safe to say that Hardcore was definitely NOT at the top of the “back from the dead” list. At least not that anyone was checking for.

Except that it is for your Ol’ pal the Lil’ Dogg.

Now listen this pup isn’t one to hog the spotlight and I certainly don’t want to take all the credit but facts is facts and the fact is tha Dogg did start the wallet chain revival like three years ago and now every basic bitch has one so not saying…just saying….you’re welcome.

Anywho go strap on those black boots and roll up your tee shirt sleeves cuz bearded white guys in their 30s are making chugga chugga sounds with their guitars again. Time to go moshing.

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