Hi-Top Golf – The Phenom Akshay Bhatia gets his First Pro Win

Hi-Top has been on the Akshay Hype Train for a long minute now and like always Hi-Top was right and everyone else was wrong.

The Kid is a straight golf assassin and this week he got his first professional Tour victory in the Bahamas in his very first start as an official Korn Ferry Tour member. And boy oh boy did The Kid do it in style:

Yeah that was inches from a walk-off Eagle to win.

And how’s this for the kicker. Akshay went down to the Bahamas, again his first start on the KFT and he chooses to roll up with his WAG girlfriend as his caddie.

Would you expect anything different from a guy who chose to turn pro at 17 instead of going to his pick of whatever college he wanted. The dude is a trailblazer thru and thru. And to the victor go the spoils:

Keep on keepin’ on Akshay. You do you kid, Hi-Top has your back.

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