Pullin’ Wax – Big News in #TheHobby as 2022 Topps is Celebrating the ICONIC 1987 Wood Grain Design

What’s 2022 minus 35?

1987 of course.

That’s right folks, crack open that bottle of Aqua Net, iron those Cross Color jeans, put on Appetite for Destruction and crank that volume to 11 cuz it’s 1987 all over again.

Well when it comes to baseball cards that is.

For the last few years Topps has been doing a 35th Anniversary subset to their main card design and we have finally reached the pinnacle year. The year of the all-time greatest no questions allowed absolute best most awesome baseball card design ever created.

The wood is back y’all!!!!!!

Long time members of Hi-Top Nation are well aware that the Lil’ Dogg and the 1987 Topps set have very very very special relationship. If you haven’t watched the ground breaking Hi-Top docu-series Bo Hunting do yourself and everyone you know a favor by watching all ten parts immediately.

Obviously the Lil’ Dogg will be going ham on this 1987 insert set this coming baseball card season. And of course if any generous Hi-Top Nation members want to toss this pup a few cards his way well then slide into the Hi-Top DMs anytime.

2022. The Summer of Wood. Let’s go.

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