GreenTeamers Podcast Report – This Version of the Boston Celtics is Officially DONE – Blow it Up Now!

It’s not the losses. It’s really not.

It’s HOW THEY LOSE. And they lose in that absolutely worst possible ways. Over and over they build leads then squander said leads to inferior teams.

I’m sorry Boston Celtics. It’s not me. It’s you. And this isn’t working anymore (if it ever really did).

There is something inherently off in the chemistry of this core group of players. The sum of these parts is LESS than the whole. They make each other WORSE instead of better.

Do I know what the solution is? No. Maybe it’s trading one guy. Maybe it’s not even a Brown or Tatum ultimatum. Maybe it’s been Marcus Smart all along. Who knows? A

ll we do know is that this version of the Boston Celtics DOES NOT WORK!!!!!

And it’s past time to put us all, all the loyal GreenTeamers out of our collective misery.



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