Mac Jones is NOT the Rookie of the Year

The era is 1997-98, and your boy was a young buck, roaming the corridors of Leitch Hall. I was exhausting all of the fellow basement dwellers with my smoking hot Pete Carroll takes, my arguing that Chauncey Billups could propel Antoine Walker to the Hall of Fame, and my proclaiming the Pedro Martinez trade was the single biggest transaction in the history of commerce. I was in a way a blogger, except my keyboard was my mouth, and instead of an ethernet cable and a power strip, I was powered by a daily dose of 13 Miller Lites.

One day, I got a call from My Buddy Marty (f/k/a “Matty”), and he was asking me to do a call-in segment on his Stonehill College Radio show. Marty- along with Sully- was one half of a truly dynamic broadcasting duo. While all the other flannel-clad Empire Records junkies of WSHL were trying to outduel each other spinning the latest next big Alt Rock tune, these two were ushering in the golden era of Sports Radio. “Two Good Looking Guys Talking Sports” was truly revolutionary, and was believed to be among the most listened to evening sports talk college radio shows in Southeastern Massachusetts…and I was honored these guys had called on me, and basically gave me my start in the industry.

Needless to say, I have a deference to these guys and their sports takes, so when My Buddy Marty delivered what seemed to be a BLAZER on Sunday, I needed to take a step back and look into it:

It would be a travesty for Mac (Jones) to win ROY over Ja’Marr (Chase). He’s one of the best receivers in the game. Full stop. Mac has managed a team pretty well.

My Buddy Marty, Jan 2, 2022, 5:58 pm.

After thinking about it, and digging into it, it’s actually not a hot take at all. The oddsmakers have even caught up to Marty. It’s obvious. Ja’Marr Chase is the runaway, should be unanimous, choice for Offensive Rookie of the Year.

This may will upset some fellow Patriots fans, some many of whom- who despite watching the team win 6 titles in 20 years- are constantly on the lookout for a slight of any kind. They’ll argue:

  • Mac is a quarterback, that’s more important
  • Learning the Patriots’ offense is so hard
  • Chase plays in Cincy, nobody cares!
  • Mac doesn’t have weapons. Chase has Joe Burrow throwing to him, who is really good (though I won’t admit he’s better than Mac, because I just had that argument on twitter, facebook and two reddit threads)

And, while there are grains of truth in some of that…none of it matters. It all comes down to (sort of) what Marty said. Mac Jones has had a really good season for a rookie QB… Chase has had an all-pro caliber season for ANY wide receiver.

  • Among WR in 2021, Chase is: 1st in yards per catch; 2nd in TD’s; 4th in yards; and 1st in plays over 40 yards.
  • Has already broken the post-merger (1966) record for most yards by a rookie WR, and needs 45 yards to pass some guy you’ve never heard of for most in NFL history.
  • Among rookies all time, Chase trails only Randy Moss (17) with 13 TD’s, and has the most by any other rookie since 1978.

Meanwhile, Mac Jones has played very well, especially for a rookie. But isn’t an All-Pro caliber QB by any stretch of the imagination. He doesn’t crack the top 10 in any category, except Comp% (8th), and isn’t even having the best season for a rookie QB in the last two years. That would be Justin Herbert’s 2020, which is light years beyond what Mac has done.

Mac Jones 2021
Justin Herbert 2020

There you have it folks. It’s not a “hot take”, or something contrived by “Mediots” as some online hacks would have you believe. Nor is it some grand conspiracy contrived by Roger Goodell, at the behest of Jerry Jones and Mike Keunzil. No, it’s simply the undisputable truth.

While the future looks extremely bright for the Mac Jones- led Patriots, he is NOT the NFL’s Offensive Rookie of the Year

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