There’s a Bowl Game in Fenway Park?!?!?!??!?!

“Yes Virginia there really is a Santa Claus…and also you are spending Christmas vacation freezing your butt off playing SMU in the Wasabi Fenway Bowl!”

File this one under – “Rich people are so so dumb!”

There’s absolutely zero reason for this game to exist but if you are going to play a Bowl game in Fenway Park how is the one local college football team not involved????? If Boston College isn’t the default host of this game like Hawaii is for the Hawaii Bowl then the Lil’ Dogg can’t help ya cuz you are doing EVERYTHING wrong.

I’m not sure who’s butt is on the line here – Fenway Sports Group or the mysterious entity known only as Wasabi – but someone ponied up the cash to bankroll this fiasco.

Do you really expect Bostonians to venture out into the cold to watch UVA and SMU???? The novelty of seeing a non-baseball event in Fenway has long since worn off. The Green Monster alone ain’t getting butts in seats anymore.

Facts is facts and the fact is that Boston College is easily the #1 worst “fan experience” in major college football. The stadium sucks, the tailgating is a non-existent, there is no “fanfare”. The least that could be done for the program is to attempt to make them relevant in the local municipality.

This should be a win-win. No brainer. Instead we get BC heading to play in a 3/4 empty Military Bowl in Maryland that involves zero service academies and a 3/4 empty Fenway Bowl contested by two teams from thousands of miles away.

There’s only two rules when it comes to bowl games – either you are playing somewhere warm and sunny or 1 of the teams is local. That’s it. Anything that deviates from 1 of those two is an unmitigated disaster.

Nice try Fenway Bowl but much like Dwight Evans in 1990 this one is a swing and a miss.

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