A Definitive History of Lead Singers Yelling “Guitar!” Right Before a Guitar Solo, Part 5

For a full breakdown of this ongoing series click here.

It’s a momentous day folks as we have a couple of additions to our never ending list of songs where a singer yells at a guitar player to solo. And to make today’s examples extra special they were sent instead by a loyal Hi-Top reader. Hi-Top Nation represent!

So let’s get in the way back machine and check out the early days of Rock N Roll. In 1964 The Beatles covered a Carl Perkin’s rockabilly classic, “Honey Don’t”:

In The Beatles version Ringo sings lead and right before the first break Mr. Starkey yells out, “Rock on George one time for me” before George’s first solo then “Rock on George for Ringo one time” near the end which if we are being technical here, Ringo twice asks George to “Rock on one time” so maybe check your maths Ringo.

Now like we said this tune is a cover of a Carl Perkins original and if we take a listen to that version we get to the heart of Ringo’s ad libs:

“Get it Cat, go on now” (at least that’s what I hear). Could we have dug our rabbit hole all the way down to the source???? The Perkins version is 1956. That’s certainly the earliest example we have on record so far. Gonna have to start digging into the annals of rockabilly and see if we can get something pre-1956. Now some wisealeck might come out of the woodwork and say hey “Johnny B. Goode” – “Go Johnny go go go”. And we may very well find that much like everything in Rock N Roll Chuck Berry IS the source but for now I have to declare that since those are the actual lyrics to the song and not an ad lib “Johnny B. Goode” doesn’t count. At least not yet.

But another we can add to the list is the superior Beatles – The Monkees (I kid…but not really):

“One time for me” Mike yells at Peter. Laugh at the Monkees all you want but don’t ever say they weren’t having a blast.

The search continues. Can we go earlier than 1956, we shall see, but in the meantime, “Rock on for the Lil’ Dogg one time!”

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