Hi-Top Top Best Greatest Songs of 2021

In a wild twist the apocalypse has brought us some pretty great tunes. Jams. Bangers. Bops. 2021 has provided a soundtrack to the downfall of civilization. It’s got a good beat and you can dance to it.

Japanese Breakfast“Be Sweet”

Let’s dance like we’re in the prom scene of Jon Cryer movie circa 1987.

Iceage – “Shelter Song”

Danish punks mainline 70s era coked out Stones riffs, infuse it with some Oasis level chord changes, wrap the whole thing in a Gospel choir then break your heart. “They kick you when you’re up, they knock you when you’re down.”

Beabadoobee – “Last Day on Earth”

London brats write anthem for the end of the world.

War on Drugs – “I Don’t Live Here Anymore

Is this a long lost Don Henley song? Didn’t this play during a climactic moment in Some Kind of Wonderful? This is a Richard Marx cover? Give me all the late 80s vibes and inject them right into my veins. Please and thank you.

Dua Lipa – “Good in Bed”

Okay fine so technically this album came out in 2020 but an extended version was released in 2021 so there. Also there’s like a dozen songs from Dua Lipa that could have been chosen here. She’s like Chris Carter, all she does is score touchdowns.

Turnstile – “Turnstile Love Connection”

Cheating here cuz this is actually 4 songs but they are 4 songs from the best album of 2021, Turnstile’s Glow On. This also happens to be the best short film of the year and the final song “Mystery” is probably the Song of the Year. Yeah Turnstile is FUCKING AWESOME.

John Mayer – “Last Train Home”

No the Lil’ Dogg won’t apologize for LOVING a John Mayer song.

Bad Operation- “Perilous”

The Lil’ Dogg will also NEVER apologize for loving Ska. 🕴🏻

That’s it. That’s the (in no particular order) list of the year’s best tunage. Crank up the volume to 11 and rock out with your socks out. If it’s the end of the world we mightaswell go out dancing.

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