Jackie Bradley Jr is Coming Home

There it is folks. The news all of Red Sox Nation have been waiting for – JBJ is coming back home where he belongs:

And oh yeah, bye Hunter:

By all reasonable metrics JBJ is the greatest defensive player to ever strap on a mitt. Sure he had a -0.7 WAR last season but hey WAR…huh…what is it good for?

Listen folks, we gotta let Chaim cook here and this is a classic sell high, buy low situation. The Red Sox were interested in A LOT of big name guys, they were definitely intrigued by more than a few, they’re looking closely at a couple more and fascinated by two or three. Lots of action is what we’re saying. But all that pales in comparison to bringing back a 31 year old guy who you let walk away a season ago and then played the worst baseball of his life. That’s a no-brainer right there.

The real news here is actually buried in the details – Meet Alex Binelas:

Yeah that’s called “pop”. Of course young Alex is only 21 and in the Red Sox Farm System that means he’s still in diapers and hasn’t transitioned to solid food yet. The Sox don’t bring guys up until they’re ready so hopefully we get Binelas playing next to Marcelo Mayer sometime in the early to mid 2030’s.

The future is bright Red Sox Nation. Time to break out the shades.

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