Hi-Top Racing – The GOAT Storms the Desert

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With his second win in as many races Lewis Hamilton has his racing mitts within grasping distance of a Championship that seemed well out of reach a month ago.

But that’s just the GOAT doing GOAT things, folks. With Hamilton behind the wheel there is no such thing as too far back.

Of course this weekend Hamilton led from start to finish and the whole race was a mere formality by lap 5. The next two races in the Middle East won’t be that easy. We think.

And winning out is the only path to the Championship for Hamilton, while Verstappen has a myriad of routes to the Trophy:

Qatar was Hamilton’s win at his 30th different circuit:

There’s two races left in the season – Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi – and while the Jeddah street course in Saudi is brand new, Hamilton has plenty of past desert success in his back pocket. He’s won 4 times in Abu Dhabi, though Verstappen did take the checkered flag in a basically meaningless race there last year.

It’s not often that the Drivers Championship is this contested this late in the season. Enjoy it folks cuz it’s gonna be a wild race to the end.

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