Hi-Top Hoops – College Basketball Preview – The Year of Chet begins

College Basketball returns tomorrow and if we are being honest here, and H-Top is always honest unlike some other blogs you may have heard about, this upcoming year of collegiate hoops is all about one man with one name:


That’s right folks, Chet Holmgren has entered the chet chat.

For those that are unfamiliar (shame on you), here’s a quick Chet primer:

Standing 8 feet tall and weighing 95 pounds, our man Chet is the definition of slim but to paraphrase the immortal Mike D., you wouldn’t be the first to ask how Chet can live so phat but be so skinny.

Here’s Chet’s High School yearbook photo:

And here’s his HS Mixtape:

All jokes aside, the reason Chet is so intriguing, other than the fact that the dude is named Chet!!!!, is the obvious Kevin Durant similarities. Ultra thin, hella tall, handles the ball like a guard and shoots silky smooth deep threes.

The thing that doesn’t get discussed enough with KD is his release point. With his height and wing span when he rises up to shoot he’s probably releasing the ball 15-25 feet in the air (no need to fact check that). In short it’s impossible to defend. Just by virtue of his height Chet has this in his bag as the kids say.

The only real question is, will the ‘Zags let Chet cook?

Gonna go out on a limb and say no they won’t but never fear, Hi-Top is here to get the masses mobilized.


Learn it, love it, live it! If Chet doesn’t have 20 by halftime of Night 1 we riot.

Let Chet cook! Let Chet cook! Let Chet cook!

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