It’s a Good Ol’ Fashioned ReBrand for the New England Revolution

Say goodbye to the Crayon Flag folks cuz the Revs have a brand new stadium logo!!!!

Yes it is the absolute one thing everyone soccer loving nut in New England really wanted – a dedicated soccer specific stadium badge!!!

Way to go Krafts!!!! You really knocked this one out of the soccer specific stadium park!!!!

As the every sport fan in New England surely knows the Revs are about to enter the MLS post season as the greatest regular season team in the leagues history. Thats right folks, forget the 86 Celtics or the 1903 Sox or the 07 Pats (whoops), the 2021 New England Revolution are poised to go down in the history books as the all-time best single season team in local sport history (provided they avoid a patented New England Revolution style playoff collapse, that is).

No pressure guys!!!!

And what a great way to start this potentially historic playoff run then by making a major announcement about the future of the team. A new stadium logo!!!! Yay!!!!!

Now you, esteemed soccer fans, might be asking yourself, this looks great and all but what does it mean?????

Don’t worry folks cuz if there’s one thing the MLS does better than anyone else it’s running an epic Ponzi Scheme. But they also really know how to over explain meaningless changes to team’s uniforms. So let’s take a gander at the super important details that you might be missing when looking at this beautiful new stadium badge:

Yes nothing says “Spirit of Deviance” like a “strike through”!!!! And you can’t start Revolution without a little Flag Drapery!!!

Way to go Kraft Family! Once again you have served your teams fan base well and delivered the absolute minimal effort at finally establishing soccer as a true professional team in New England.

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