Hi-Top Top 5 Players Who Should have been on the #NBA75 team ahead of Dame Lillard

The NBA has *finally* gotten through releasing their (over)full list of the 75 76 Greatest Players and while the vast majority of the selections were of the “no duh” variety there was one very big head scratcher.

Now look folks, the Lil’ Dogg likes Dame Time. He’s fun, he’s definitely a Blazers legend, he’s hit some big shots, this pup is for sure #TeamLittleGuy whenever possible but all that being said…


It’s an absolutely absurd selection especially when you consider the guys that were left off the list. So let’s do just that:

Hi-Top Top 5 Guys that Should Definitely Be on the #NBA75 Ahead of Dame Lillard

5. Alex English

First off Alex English was Amazing Grace in Amazing Grace & Chuck which is just an all-time great movie. So there’s that.

Next the dude could simply score. On anyone at anytime. The kids like to say “He’s a bucket” well no one has ever been more of a bucket than Alex English.

4. Adrian Dantley

Quick side note – it’s truly a beautiful thing the number of random home made highlight mixtapes of basketball players that exist on YouTube. The best of humanity, really. Okay, back to Dantley, again this dude was another bucket. He had 4 straight seasons at 30+ ppg bookended with 28, 26, and 29. If he doesn’t get traded by the Pistons is he a shoe-in????

3. Tony Parker/Manu Ginobli

I don’t know how a voter can go with Dame Lillard over either one of these two guys. Makes no sense. Nothing else to say really.

2. Bernard King

Even with a devastating knee injury King’s overall stats still hold up. This one is just a personal head scratcher for the Lil’ Dogg. How do watch this man drop 60 points and not think he’s one of the 75 greatest NBA players of all time????

1. Chris Mullin

The dude was on the DREAM TREAM!!!!!!!! This one is simple math really – During the most talented era in NBA history Mullin was considered one of the 10 best players but he’s not one of the 75 greatest of all-time?????? That makes no sense!!!!!! That does not compute. No way no how.

That’s it facts is facts and the fact is that while the NBA really screwed the pooch on this one. Sorry Dame but it just ain’t your time. Not yet anyways.

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