Hi-Top Top 5 Most Interesting Players to Watch in the Upcoming NBA Season

The NBA is fantastic back folks.

What? Didn’t the last NBA season just end?

No dummy. The NBA season NEVER ends. It’s all just one long song mannnnnnn.

And since Hi-Top is the People’s Blog we are going to spare you all the typical “Season Preview” drudgery and just get to the interesting stuff.

Hi-Top Top 5 Most Interesting* Players to Watch in the 2021-22 NBA Season

*Obviously “interesting” is a relative term and can mean different things to different people. And guess what? That’s what makes it so interesting.

5. Bol Bol

Manute’s son has been a curiosity, a Summer League and Preseason Star, and an end of the bench blowout game fan fave but in year 3 the question is can Bol Bol be a legit every game NBA player? It’s make or break time for the human stick figure.

4. Tyler Herro

“Luka, Trae, Ja, those guys like that. I feel like my name should be in that category too.”

The Internet says that is an actual honest to goodness quote from Tyler Herro. It’s good to be confident I guess. Herro is another year 3 guy. He’s a dude whose bubble really burst in his sophomore season after a breakout playoff bubble (see what I did there) performance. He’s come out with a vengeance in the preseason. We will see if that translates to actual meaningful games.

3. Los Angeles Area Sommeliers

While most NBA Analysts may be focusing on the on-court chemistry between LeBron and Carmelo Anthony, who are teaming up for the first time in their NBA careers, the real sharps are tracking wine sales in the greater LA metropolis. Bron Bron and ‘Melo are both notorious vino hounds and pairing the two together might go as well as a Chianti and a tuna salad – that is to say not a wise idea – tuna will make the Chianti taste metallic – trust. These two Bordeaux Buddies might make for great additions to your Wine of the Month Club but me thinks they are about to spend more time studying the Bourgogne Society cellar list than the Phoenix defensive schemes. Add in the fact that they have to deal with the Russell Westbrook show and well let’s just say Thirsty Thursday is going to turn into Wine Wednesday real quick.

2. James Harden

This is actually a No Snark pick here folks. Rare around these parts but it does happen. It’s possible Harden is the most underrated player in the NBA or at least the most derived. The best thing that could happen to the Brooklyn Nets (apart from prolonged health) is Kyrie being completely removed from the team. And listen, Kyrie Irving when he’s fully invested in basketball is unbelievably good but he hasn’t been fully invested in years and certainly wasn’t going to be any time soon. Now with Irving at least temporarily gone, the whole shebang goes through Harden. Durant is gonna be Durant we know how great he is, what’s interesting is what James Harden can do as the primary ball handler with Kevin Durant at his side.

1. Kevin Porter Jr.

The list of Players who have scored 50 points in a game is long but not as long as you’d think. And the list of guys with 2 is pretty short. Some pretty famous HOF names haven’t been able to get from that first list to the more rarified air of the second. I’d put good money on Kevin Porter Jr. making that leap. (In fact the Lil’ Dogg already has – if anyone wants a PSA Gem Mint 10 PRIZM RC hit this pup up on the DM’s cuz I gots a few). Whatever “It” is KPJ has It. The kid is a star and now that he’s in a basketball town with an improving team – Jalen Green will be your ROTY believe that – the hype train is gonna accelerate fast so jump on board now.

There you go folks. Facts is facts and the fact is if you live in Los Angeles stock up on that vino now before Russell Westbrook drives Bron & Melo to drain the whole town dry. And if you live in Houston get that order in for your KPJ jersey right quick cuz they’re gonna sell out fast.

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