Jersey Talk – Boston Celtics go back to the future for 21-22 Home Look

Listen up folks it’s the most beautiful time of the year – Jersey Season. The Boston Celtics have released the first look at their 2021-22 Home Whites and it’s…something.

We’ve been through this before but it bears repeating the Celtics (and Boston in general) are never going to do anything truly interesting when it comes to uniforms. Just look at the insanity caused by the blue & yellow Marathon Red Sox look. That wasn’t even all that daring and people were up in arms. So the idea that the Celtics would ever even attempt anything beyond a subtle tweak to the classic formula is a non-starter. So instead let’s just take this latest cash grab for what it is and break down what works and what doesn’t.

The Good

I like the Shamrock on the shorts. I don’t love the design of it but I like the addition.

The Bad

I’m not a fan of the Lettering. Too thick. I prefer the skinny script.

The Uggly

Those belt loops gotta go. That is just straight up awful. No no no no no.

There ya have it folks. Another year and the advice is the same. Spend your money elsewhere.

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