Hi-Top Racing – Turkish Grand Prix Preview

Young hearts be free tonight, time is on your side but not when you’re hitting Turn 8 at Istanbul Park.

Lewis Hamilton is fresh off his 100th career checkered flag but also he will be starting Sunday in Turkey with a 10 place grid penalty for as his car has a new internal combustion engine which exceeds his allocation. How will this effect his race strategy? Max Verstappen was able to overcome his own grid penalty in Russian to finish on the podium. Can the GOAT do the same?

Elsewhere Red Bull will be rocking a fresh new livery at the starting blocks:

But will they race as good as they look?

The Istanbul track is famous for it’s turns and the weather is expected to be wet once again. Are we looking at a repeat of the dramatics from Sochi? Let’s hope Lando Norris and his team has their tire game plan set if he wants to finally taste that victorious bubbly.

The overall standings are as close as you can get with Hamilton holding the slimmest of margins over Verstappen. 2 points is all that separates the Titans of the Track. It doesn’t get any better than this. Sure we’d love to be racing in Suzuka right now but Istanbul ain’t a bad replacement and Turn 8 will be center stage on Sunday.

Let’s go!🏁

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