GreenTeamers Podcast Report – Jayson Tatum is All Growns Up

Listen up GreenTeamers, it’s finally time to retire the “Jayson Tatum is only 19” jokes once and for all cuz Taco Jay is officially a MAN.

Two plays from last nights preseason debut highlight in game what we’ve been seeing in photos during the off season. Jayson Tatum has been eating his Wheaties and pumping that iron. The dude is yoked and he’s ready to unleash Bully Ball on all poor unsuspecting defenders.

In both situations Tatum went from post-up to face-up on his defender then drove to the hoop through contact. With ease. Almost as if the contact wasn’t even there. This is a Boyz II Men situation here folks and while Tatum is at the beginning not the end of the road he’s making love to the hoop and it’s the defenders on bended knee, thank you.

The major development here is the comfort and determination Tatum is showing in his decisions to attack the rim. Let’s take a look at the Shot Chart shall we:

Tatum missed all 3 of his mid range jumpers, in fact 2 of the 3 misses were straight up air balls. Of his 6 made Field Goals, 5 were at the rim and 1 was a three-pointer. Yes please! More of that!

For most of Tatum’s young career the Step-Back J has been his “Schroeder’s blanket”, the thing he went to for comfort and familiarity. It’s what he relied on. And it’s a terrible basketball shot. You’re off balance, your body is moving in the opposite direction of where you are aiming, it’s all wrong. Sure yes it looks cool. Jordan and Kobe made it a playground staple for young kids like Tatum. But it’s not what you want your best player to use as his default, go-to shot. And maybe, finally Tatum has realized that his game can only grow if he consistently attacks the basket.

The days of screaming at the TV, “Drive to the hoop!!!!!” may finally, mercifully be over and for that the Lil’ Dogg on behalf of the entire GreenTeamers Nation, says “Thank you.”

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