The GreenTeamers Podcast Report – The Boston Celtics 2021-22 Season Starts NOW!

GreenTeamers Assemble!

The number 1 Boston Celtics Podcast returns for another triumphant year. Let’s go!

Familiar faces leaving. Familiar faces returning. Old friends in new places. Low friends in high places.

It’s been a merry-go-round off season for our Boys in Green as not only the roster but the front office and the coaches bench as well have all gotten what we hope is a fresh coat of paint.

Dealer Danny is off to suburban Utah. I hear he’s all in on a great deal on a new riding mower, he’s just waiting to see if there’s anything better out there before he pulls the trigger. Coach Brad is now Boss Brad. And our new Man in Charge is Ime Udoka.

Now here’s the thing about Ime: He was the definition of a Journeyman as a Pro Ball Player. He played in any league that would take him and managed to scrape his way to a cup of coffee in the NBA for a few years. That’s all well and good but while he was doing that he somehow managed to snag NIA LONG!!!!!!!!! An NBA nobody getting past “Hi!” with this:

A guy who can go from the Charleston Lowgators and the Fort Worth Flyers to Nia MF’ing Long, now that is a leader of men. That is a man that can motivate. That is a man who knows how to get the absolute most out of every situation. Let me declare before a single jumper has been shot, “In Ime We Trust!”

Next up we have the roster. Listen folks the Lil’ Dogg is not gonna blow smoke up yer keister. It’s just not how this pup rolls. Do I love this roster as it is right now? In a word, no. No I do not. But the simple fact is the Boston Celtics for the next ten years will rise and fall on the very broad (like seriously broad) shoulders of Jayson Tatum. Is a Jayson Tatum a LEGIT TOP 5 guy? That’s really the only question. You need a “Top 5 in the NBA” level guy to a win a championship. Is Tatum merely really good or is he Capital G Great? If he is then you simply need the right role players around him. We’ve seen what can happen throughout an NBA season. Major talents will get injured. Whatever a team has on paper doesn’t matter cuz come April-May-June it’s simply survival. The damn Atlanta Hawks were in the Conference Finals for crying out loud. The East is gonna be a dog fight no matter what. Just getting into the playoffs with your best guys still standing and anything can happen.

But you do need some players and right now we don’t have much. Jaylen is a solid number 2 but I’d rather he was a 2.5 or a 3 and we had a legit stud as our number 2. That being said here’s a few names I absolutely do NOT want: Dame Lillard and Bradley Beal. Sure they are both really good players. Dame is 6-2, Beal 6-3. Both are score first and not much help on D. I simply don’t think their games make the C’s significantly better especially if you have to give up Brown plus others to get them.

So who can we get? I don’t know. What I do know is one name the Lil’ Dogg would love love love to have even if no one else agrees (tho I do see you @ReasonableCelticsFan thanks for having my back) is Mr. Ben Simmons. Facts is facts and the fact is the dude is a Unicorn. He’s a 6-11 Point Guard. He’s a defensive menace that can guard all 5 positions. Okay okay okay there’s the whole jump shot thing but I swear there IS a way to work around that. Plus he’d be on one helluva revenge tour through the East. Alas that one is longer than a long.

But this roster does need someone, just not sure who. Thankfully we have Boss Brad in charge. And what we do have is a solid core of solid veterans. Hopefully that is enough to get through the winter grind in solid footing and come Spring we can bloom we some fresh implants (see what I did there).

Look folks, the NBA Season is looooooong. It’s a torture test. And more often than not in recent years its the teams that are healthy and peaking that get a shot to win it all. You look at the teams that have made it to the Finals let alone won it all over the last 4-5 years and a good percentage started the season as after thoughts. There is hope GreenTeamers. Theres always hope. And you know why? Cuz the Celtics are the balllllllls.

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