Hi-Top Bets – College Football Week 4

Season Record – 7-4-1

Week 4 is looking toughhhhhhhh, folks. Gotta be honest the Lil’ Dogg is perused this board up and down and all around and there is not one slam dunk winner in the bunch. But that won’t stop us from finding some gold for Hi-Top Nation.

Lil’ Dogg

OVER 44 Notre Dame at Wisconsin

The line in this one is nuts. It’s definitely the ol’ Vegas Trap. The only problem is no one knows which way the trap is gonna spring. When in doubt take the OVER.

Le Cap

Mizzo at Boston College +1

There’s only one thing Cap loves more than a home dog and that’s being the #1 Superfan in all the land. Go Eagles!

The Un-Mortal Lock 🔒 of the Week

Like we said up front the board is harsh this week. Rule 1 of Hi-Top has always been “It’s better to under promise and over deliver than the opposite.”

Nebraska at Michigan State -4

Sparty might just mess around and win the Big 10. The Cornhuskers stink. This one is as close to a 🔒 as you’re gonna get.

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