Hi-Top Racing – Absolute Scenes at the Italian Grand Prix – It’s a Shoey for the Honey Badger!

What if I told you one team was about to go 1-2 at the Italian Grand Prix and that team is…

Yes that just happened!!! Daniel Riccciardo and Lando Norris go First-Second for McLaren and of course they had to celebrate with a SHOEY!!!!

This is the first checkered flag for Danny Ric since 2018 and McLaren’s first since, well…

Yeah that’s a long ass time. Now of course the other big news of the day was the two Big Dogs taking each other out early:

Thankfully both drivers walked away unharmed but things certainly could have gone very badly especially for Hamilton:

Beyond the obvious effects the crash had on this race it is also going to impact Russia as well as Verstappen has been given a 3 place grid penalty:

Very interesting folks very interesting. We are in the midsts of an unreal Formula 1 season. Buckle up race fans. It’s just getting good.

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