Hunter RenThrow Has a Night as the Red Sox Make Playoff Push

Hunter RenThrow:

The Big Bat:

And the pis de resistance:

Have a night Hunter!

Listen folks the Lil’ Dogg has been riding the Hunter Express from the very beginning of summer when I plucked him off the Fantasy waiver wire and believe you me the dude is a having a season. 27 Ding Dongs. 85 RsBI and a of course the Show Stopper – leading the league in Outfield Assists.

Overall the Red Sox are currently a half game ahead of the Yanks in the Wild Card race. Catching the Rays is ehhh probably unlikely but for a team that at the beginning of the season seemed destined for the basement of the AL East standings, hosting the Wild Card game ain’t too shabby of an end result. We shall see, gonna be an interesting final month of the Base Ball season.

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