Hi-Top Bets – College Football Week 1 – The Season is Just Starting and We’re Already Rollin’

What’s that sound? The rattling and clacking?

Oh don’t mind that, it’s just Fat Tony shaking in his boots and chewing on his nails as the Hi-Top picks cash and cash and cash.

Season Record – 2-0-1



LSU -2.5 at UCLA

The Big Boss Man is going back to the well for his first week pick. The Bruins looked mighty tasty in their opener but then again the game itself was more a glorified scrimmage than an actual contest. The Hawaiian defense must have stayed back on the Island. This week will not be that. LSU is coming of a terrible year by LSU standards but it is still LSU. This is the definition of a “for real” game. We will learn very quickly who is “for real” – the Bruins or the Tigers. Cap is going Bruins.

Lil’ Dogg

Louisiana at Texas -9

What if I told you the #23 team was playing the #21 team and the spread was 9 points? Sounds a bit off right like something is a foot. At this point the Ragin Cajuns have to be considered one of the second tier Major programs. They are consistently solid and present a problem whenever they face a “name” program and Texas is Texas in name only. The Longhorns haven’t been a real National threat in a decade plus and the last few years have been down right embarrassing. Yes Texas is at home but really big whoop. This pup will gladly take the points. Hell the Cajuns will probably win this outright.

Big Game Pick O the Week

Georgia vs Clemson -3

From the limited time we saw DJ Uiagalelei we can ascertain one thing – the kid is a STUD. By the end of the season me thinks Tiger fans are going to be saying, “Trevor who?”

The Pick – Clemson

Tigers roll 35-17.

Facts is facts and the fact is if you ain’t following Hi-Top’s advice then you are leaving money on the table.

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