Hi-Top Bets – College Football Week 1 Early Bird Special for America’s Team

Hi-Top Bets is Back Babyyyyyy!!!! Let’s Go!!!!!

It’s the most glorious time of the year (disregarding the never ending pandemic, the biblical floods, insane nutbags around every corner and the various wars raging across the globe of course) –


Truth be told the Hi-Top Bets Conglomerate is already 1-0 on the season having nailed a nice little O/U in the UCLA game during Week 0ne*

*Week 0ne trademark ™️ Benny Gloves

But the real fun begins this weekend with a loaded slate of games. Now we will be doing a full Saturday Week 1 Pick’Em with all the traditional trappings from both the Lil’ Dogg and Le Cap but in honor of the fact that tonight’s Thursday kickoff features non-other than America’s Team themselves, the fighting Chanticleers of Coastal Carolina, we just had to jump the starting gun and get in a 🔒 pick.

Lil’ Dogg’s America’s Team Thursday Kickoff Super Mortal 🔒 of the Century

The Citadel at Coastal Carolina – Over 55

The Chanticleer of Chanticleers ie the Cock of the Walk ie the McCall Order ie Castle Grayson ie This Guy:

Yes. Grayson McCall is back to lead America’s Team to glorious victory after glorious victory. The reigning Sun Belt PoY is returning for his Sophomore yes Sophomore season after throwing a cool 26 TDs to only 3 picks last season. The dude just doesn’t make mistakes. The Chanticleers will put up the points, make no mistake about it. The question is will The Citadel? They went 0-4 last Fall and 2-4 last Spring. So not only are they not very good, they are working on a short turn around to boot. Not a good combo. Can The Citadel put up 10 points? That’s the determining factor here.

The Lil’ Dogg says yes but it’s gonna be close. We’re looking at a 48-10 game here folks but it doesn’t matter by how many points it only matters that you get to that OVER.

Let the games begin!


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