Hi-Topper Top 10 – Best Cypress Hill Jams

Thirty years ago today Cypress Hill released their debut album.

And let the Lil’ Dogg tell ya – Cypress Hill was absolutely MASSIVE in the 90s. The thing about the kids from the Hill – EVERYONE loved them. Stoners of course, duh but sportos, motorheads, geeks, sluts, bloods, waistoids, dweebies, dickheads–they all adored them. Anyone could rock out to a Cypress Hill jam. But for some reason they seem to have been lost in the nostalgia shuffle. They don’t get nearly the love other less popular rappers in the 90s get. But have no fear, Hi Top is here to right the wrongs.

Hi-Topper Top 10 Cypress Hill Jams

10. The Phunky Feel One

DJ Muggs was of course the secret sauce of the Hill. Producer extraordinaire, the man could flip a sample with the best of them.

9. Hits From the Bong


8. I Wanna Get High

Black Sunday was a MONSTER of an album. Everyone had that disc and I mean everyone. What a way to kick of your sophomore effort.

7. When the Ship Goes Down

When Muggs gets funky he gets phunnnnnky. And you could always count on Sen Dogg to crush a chorus. The man didn’t do much but when he had a line, he killed it every time.

6. Hole in the Head

5. I Ain’t Goin’ Out Like That

This beat HITS!

4. Pigs

What a song to start off your debut album! 🎶Captain O’Malley🎶 Not to get all political but it’s insane in the brain how many hip hop songs were about police corruption and it took 30+ years for the rest of America to catch up. “This pig killed my homeboy and took a vacation.” Damn!

3. Insane in the Brain

Sophomore Slump? No effing way! This song was EVERYWHERE when it came out. Every radio station up and down the dial – rock, pop, hip hop – all over MTV, if this isn’t up there for most played hip hop song of the 90s then I don’t know what is. If there were “streams” in 1994 this jam would have topped a billion easy.

2. Hand on the Pump

🎶With my sawed off shotgun, hand on the pump, sipping on a 40 puffin on a blunt🎶 No one has ever made murder more phunky than Cypress Hill.

1. How I Could Just Kill a Man

This song goes SO HARD yet is SO FUNKY, it’s just an absolute masterpiece. Easily a Top Ten Hip Hop track of the 90s. This song is HARDCORE. This song IS Cypress Hill.

That’s it. That’s the list. Facts is facts and the fact is that Cypress Hill is criminally underrated in the annals of Hip Hop History. Overlooked and under appreciated no more. Let the Cypress Hill Revival commence. Bring back the Smokin’ Grooves Tour, I wanna get high on the grassy hill at Great Woods, pass the bong yo!

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