Of Course Fox Sports went and RUINED a Great Idea

Notice anything?????

Major League Baseball had a great idea. Play an official game at the “Field of Dreams” in Iowa. I suppose it’s the baseball version of the NHL’s annual “outdoor” games. A sand lot style game played in a corn field. Awesome. That’s what baseball fans were being sold.

MLB and Fox Sports had one job and of course they went and completely screwed it.

WHY IS THERE A FENCE?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!??

Major League teams playing in a glorified Minor League stadium. That’s what this has now become.

If you are going to do this then EFFFFING DO IT RIGHT!!!! LEAVE THE CORNFIELD ALONE!!!!!!

The whole point is the cornfield. If you put a fence around the cornfield then you now have NOTHING!!!!

It’s truly amazing how these leagues and TV networks can literally screw anything up. A slam dunk concept turned into a dumpster fire just like that.

Congrats to Fox Sports and MLB. It really takes a special talent for being the worst to get this so wrong.

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