The Angels Should be Criminally Prosecuted for Wasting Shohei Ohtani on a Terrible Team

That’s your Major League Leader in Home Runs right there throwing absolute filth. 6 Scoreless innings pitched by the best home run masher in the majors. That sentence is insane no matter how many times we hear it over and over this season.

But what was the final outcome for the Los Angles Angels of the game in which Shohei Ohtani dazzled on the mound for 6 innings? A loss of course.

This absolutely unprecedented and beyond historic season by the electric Ohtani is being completely and utterly wasted by the inept Angels.

It’s not only a shame. It’s down right criminal.

But then again this is nothing new for the broken winged Angel organization who have wasted the uber talent Mike Trout for years upon years.

The Angels currently sit 10 games back in the AL West. They have maybe a 1% chance of making a run for a Wild Card slot in the playoffs. Probably more like 0.1% if we’re being honest. For all intents and purposes the team around Ohtani STINKS. Or more accurately I suppose the PITCHING around Ohtani is the problem.

And that’s what’s criminal. Make some moves. Get some damn pitchers. Do something! Baseball fans deserve to see a once in a lifetime player playing in meaningful games.

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