The Hot Corner – MLB Draft Round 1 – Sox Snag Stud Short Stop

Plot Twist.

The First Round of the 2021 MLB Draft took place last night with the hometown Boston Red Sox selecting from their highest slot in recent memory. Pre-draft all eyes were on Vandy Boys Ace Jack Leiter with all manner of plots and schemes to get the righty to fall to the Sox at 4.

It didn’t take long for the those hopes to be dashed but in its place was a “Yes Please and Thank You kindly” of a different sort.

The dominos fell quickly as the Pittsburgh Pirates did what the Pittsburgh Pirates are want to do and choose to save money by selecting a *checks notes* college catcher at Number One Overall. Okay sure.

Next up, the Texas Rangers acted quickly to grab the aforementioned Leiter at 2. So there that goes but with disappointment comes opportunity as the Red Sox now sat at 4 with a plethora of Big Name Options to choose from.

High School Short Stops are the green M&M’s of the MLB draft. They are everywhere. But they are certainly not all created equal. The Big 3 of the 2021 Draft were heads above the rest – Marcelo Mayer, Jordan Lawler and Khalil Watson – with Mayer being the pretty much consensus Number 1 Overall. Almost every pre-Draft Mock had Mayer going to the Pirates. Well that didn’t happen. And when the Tigers went with HS pitcher Jackson Jobe at 3 the Red Sox now had the pick of the litter.

And they gladly picked Adrian Grenier Marcelo Mayer:

Mayer immediately ingratiated himself to the Fenway Faithful with a great line about his former Yankee fandom and megawatt million dollar smile. The fans are going to take to this kid like catnip. Oh and he can play too.

You had me at 6 foot 4 lefty but I’ll take the plus defensive skills too, thank you very much.

Believe you me the Hi-Top Draft Crew put a lot of work in pre-draft mocks and NO ONE had Mayer falling to the Sox at 4. This kid was Number 1 with a Bullet on almost every mock and certainly no pundits had he getting passed over thrice.

But here we are and Boston is happy to be here. Welcome to Red Sox Nation Marcelo.

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