Super Mega Baseball 3 is the Rightful Heir to NES Baseball Stars that We have been Waiting 30 Years For

Baseball Stars on NES holds a dear place in the hearts of any sport video game fan who grew up on the original Nintendo system. Baseball Stars was easily the best baseball video game to ever be produced. It can honestly go toe to toe with NHL ‘94 as the most fun sport video game of all-time. It had customization, running stats, full seasons, free agency and most importantly of all – it was actually fun and challenging to play. Head to head with a friend or solo against the computer games were close and exciting yet simple and satisfying at the same time. That’s a crucial balance that not many video games can achieve.

In the 30+ years since Baseball Stars heyday there have been a lot of baseball video games. Of course the graphics and gameplay have improved over the years. Games like MLB The Show have depth and “realistic simulation” that an old NES game could never approach.

But are these the newer highly advanced games actually more fun to play???

Enter Super Mega Baseball.

Super Mega Baseball 3 is a Capital F FUN sport video game in a way that the Lil’ Dogg has not experienced since the heydays of Baseball Stars and NHL ‘94.

The graphics are top notch. They are cartoony but not over the top unrealistic. The details are great. The stadiums look gorgeous. It looks exactly like you want a video game to look. Exaggerated slightly but not enough to be distracting. It’s not realistic but honestly I’ve never understood the desire to replicate reality exactingly in a video game. We already have reality. Why not create something more interesting? Super Mega Baseball does just that.

The customization is everything you could want without being overwhelming. You can sign and drop players. Develop their skills. League and franchise settings go as deep as you could ever need. Sure you can’t set the price of a hot dog in your stadium or negotiate the minutiae of a contract but do people really find that stuff fun???

Yes the players and teams are not official MLB teams but hey neither were the Baseball Stars teams but give me the SNK Crushers over the Miami Marlins any day of the week. Plus the thought put into the player and teams names on Super Mega is truly impressive. It only takes a game or two before you are fully invested in your fake players, trust me.

And the best part is full 9 inning games take 10-15 minutes. If your playing on a Switch you can knock out a full game while sitting on the pot. The main problem with modern video games is by the time the damn thing loads trying to finish one full game takes an hour easy. Actual adults do not have that sort of time. If by divine miracle I have a 20 minute window to play a video game I can actually get in 1 or 2 games on Super Mega Baseball on the Switch. If I was trying to play The Show on the XBOX it’d take 20 minutes just to “update” the system which apparently needs to be done every time you turn on the damn thing.

Now let’s talk hitting cuz honestly that’s really the most important part of a baseball video game. You want hitting to be a challenge but not so overwhelming that getting any contact seems like a monumental task. Everyone wants to hit dingers. But crushing the ball every at bat gets old quick. What you need is the proper balance. And Super Mega Baseball has it. And the best part is you can adjust things accordingly. The difficulty scale is fully customizable. Getting too good? Then just make things a little harder. And sure most every game has that ability these days but what separates Super Mega is what I like to call the NES Fun Factor. Super Mega plays like an old school NES game. An honestly that’s the best compliment I could possibly give it.

If you are in the market for an old school fun sport video game with all the bells and whistles that come with these next generation graphics and whatnot then Super Mega Baseball 3 can not be beat. Full Hi-Top Stamp of Approval.

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