There May be No Crying in Baseball but There is Plenty of Cheating…And that’s Okay

Sticky Stuff. Corked bats. Sign stealing.

These things are as integral to baseball as hits and strikeouts. It’s part of the game and if you don’t love and accept that then well I hate to break it to ya but you never really knew baseball at all.

Cheating and baseball go hand in hand and they always have. Not one thing that has been billed as an “explosive revelation” in the last few days is anything that hasn’t been happening in one form or another since the game was invented.

Remember when this was considered charming:

Phil Neikro was a folk hero for trying to get away with scuffing the ball but today’s “sticky stuff” offenders are being treated like criminal masterminds determined to undermine the sanctity of the sport.

The methods may be different but the crimes are the same.

Albert Belle had a relief pitcher crawling through air vents to steal back his confiscated bats. Sammy Sosa probably used a corked bat his entire career. Connie Mack was stealing signs 125 years ago.

You get away with as much as you can until you get caught. You pay the piper and the chase begins all over again.

It’s all just baseball.

If you want your sport squeaky clean then go watch golf. There’s no cheating in golf, right Patrick Reed?

PS – Neikro on Letterman what more could you want:

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