Hi-Top Exclusive – Mare of Easttown “18 Years Later”

The following is a Hi-Top Exclusive sneak peak at the opening scene of the follow up to the hit HBO series Mare of Easttown.


“18 Years Later”


LORI ROSS sits on her couch staring pensively across the living room at her “son” DJ.


Well Mom, what is it? I’m supposed to meet Bobby in like 10 minutes…


Well DJ this is very important. I need to tell you something. The thing is…do you want a Rolling Rock? No. I’m sorry. I’m stalling. Let’s just…I’m not your mother. Well I guess technically I’m like your step-mother I suppose. But your real mom, your birth mom, was killed. And see your dad is your dad but he’s also your uncle, I think or sort of maybe like your 2nd cousin or something…anyway your dad was your mom’s father’s cousin. And I know this is a lot to take in but there’s more. You know how we go every Sunday to visit your brother Ryan, well he is actually your half-brother and also your third cousin. And he’s the one that killed your real mom.

DJ stares blankly at Lori.


Okay so I’m going to meet Mare for hoagies. Good talk.


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