RIPIP Maine Red Claws – We Hardly Knew Ya

This one is a bit of a head scratcher folks. I honestly don’t get why Minor League franchises even want to have the same name as their Major League counterparts. It completely kills whatever revenue stream you might have been able to get from your team merchandise. A funny looking clever team logo can make some major bank. A second tier version of an already established team name – not so much. Like I might have purchased some Maine Red Claw gear. I absolutely would never buy Maine Celtics gear.

Secondly (and this is a biggie) a green lobster is no bueno. I’m kinda getting physical sick just thinking about it. Seafood is a dicey subject for a lot of people. Green seafood is NOT the move.

In the end this whole thing is completely unnecessary. The Maine Red Claws was a pretty great minor league basketball team name. RIPIP The Red Claws. We hardly knew ya and now we never will.

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