We Don’t Appreciate Steve Winwood Enough

The Lil’ Dogg happened to be scrolling the ol’ radio dial (satellite version – I’m not a savage) and a lil’ ditty about a Range Rover of all things popped up. The tune itself was fine but the real revelation was the words – featuring Steve Winwood:

Well hot damn! Now that is something I can get behind.

Steve Winwood is 100% the most underrated superstar musician of the 20th Century. Just peep this dudes career highlights:

Steve Winwood was so prodigiously talented that he was a professional singer by age 14. At 18 in 1966 he writes one of the most iconic pop songs of the 1960s for the Spencer Davis Group:

“Gimme Some Lovin’” basically IS the 1960s in a nutshell.

Winwood moves on from the Spencer Davis Group to form Traffic and rattle of a few more iconic songs like “Dear Mr. Fantasy”:

The 70s are kind of a wash but boy oh boy does he make up for it in the 80s:

Yeah just a handful of the best pop rock tunes ever created.

That’s a 20 year gap between smash hit pop songs. And not just any 20 years. 1966 to 1986 mightaswell be two different realities. Time moves different these days. The shock of someone like Brittney Spears or Nelly having a hit song in 2001 and 2021 would zilch. In fact it would be expected. But a guy having a hit in the swinging 60s then returning as a bona fide pop star in the Reagan 80s and not just playing off some nostalgia factor like the Monkees or George Harrison did but legit releasing fresh bangers is unparalleled.

And in the end it all comes down to that voice. Steve Winwood was born with a once in a millennium gift. It’s about damn time we start to appreciate it.

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