GreenTeamers Assemble – Fingers Crossed for a LOSS – Yes a LOSS

Hear me out GreenTeamers, hear me out. The Lil’ Dogg has never steered you wrong and this pup doesn’t intend to start now.

Tonight is a MUST LOSE game for the Boston Celtics. Here’s why:

If you win tonight the only reward is a swift kick in the ass by the Brooklyn Nets. The 7 seed is a death sentence.


If you lose tonight the Celtics walk away with two scenarios:

1. You bounce back and beat the winner of the 9-10 game and get the 8th seed in the playoffs. The Celtics CAN BEAT the 76ers. Boston owns real estate in the fragile Philly psyche. The C’s can take down Embiid and win that series. It wouldn’t be easy. Far from it. But it is possible. Beating the 2 seed Nets is not possible but beating the 1 seed Sixers is more than possible. It’s downright likely.


2. You lose again in the next play-in game and end up in the lottery. You’d be in the worst or second to worst lottery slot but at least there’s a long shot of moving up in the draft. I’m no fan of this upcoming draft class but it’s always better to be in the lottery than in the spots just outside the lottery. Stranger things have happened in the NBA.

Listen folks, this may be a tough pill to swallow but it’s also the straight dope. Believe you me this pup loves the GreenTeamers more than a mixed metaphor and that’s really saying something, but facts is facts and the fact is the Boston Celtics are between a rock and hard place tonight and the best way out is taking their lumps and the L that goes with them.

If a playoff miracle is on the horizon then we don’t want any part of the Brooklyn Nets in the first round. We need to take down Philly then let Brooklyn and Milwaukee go to war in Round 2 while we take down the Knicks. That’s the only path to glory folks.

It’s 8th seed or bust. Let’s (not) Go C’s!!!!!

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