Don’t Be Mad That Tim Tebow is Chasing His Dream and You’re Not

New Jacksonville Jaguar Head Coach and all around wonderful human Urban Meyer is continuing his life long work of molding young men by giving a hard working young(ish) guy a shot to finally realize a dream and guess what…everyone is up in arms.

Cancel Culture run amok amirite!!!!!!

Here’s the thing folks, there’s a lot and I mean A LOT of Hot Takes about the one and only Timothy Tebow. The dude is a one man Hot Take industry. The guy took shit for being too good in college, not good enough in the pros, being too religious, being a fame whore, not having enough sex, playing too many sports, being too popular…you name it and people are mad at Tim Tebow for it.

But trying a comeback at Tight End should not be on that list.

First off, 99% of the people that are Big Mad right now WANTED TEBOW TO PLAY TIGHT END AFTER COLLEGE!!!!!

He’s finally doing what every Football Expert said he should have done coming out of Florida. So why aren’t you happy that he’s finally doing what you always said he should have done????

Next up, people are upset that Meyer is giving his old college player a spot at the expense of some mythical more deserving youngster. Hold on to your socks folks cuz this one is really going to blow your wig but sometimes NFL coaches give roster spots and even JOBS to people that might have a “special” relationship to the HC. Like for example a guy getting put on staff as an Assistant after playing one year of walk on ball in a post grad year after four years of lacrosse. Not gonna name the Coach or his son assistant but it rhymes with Fill Felichick. Good on ya if you can figure that one out. And if that offends you please don’t check the staffs of the other 30 teams or maybe it’s just a real big co-winky-dink that so many of the Assistants have the same last name as their Head Coaches.

Is Tebow going to be a good Tight End? Probably not. But Meyer giving him a Camp invite instead of some dude who played 4 years at Rice or Mercer or hell some guy that played Power Forward in the Sun Belt conference is not the “Sports are Ruined!!!!” moment that everyone is screaming about. Listen, Urban Meyer has done A LOT of shitty things over the course of his career. I mean the dude literally enabled a serial killer in exchange for some TDs so throwing Tebow a pity invite to Training Camp is pretty low on the list of damnable offenses for this guy.

And as for Tebow the one thing you have to give it to the guy for is the fact that he puts himself out there. Everyone said he’d never be an NFL QB and while it didn’t go great he still got there and even won a playoff game. And the baseball career was nuts and he mostly fell flat on his face but he also hit a gotdamn Home Run off the first pitch of his first professional at bat. So excuse me if I don’t think it’s impossible that he makes the Jaguars.

Hell I’d throw a 10 spot on Tebow going into the history books as the recipient of Trevor Lawrence’s first TD pass. Strange things have happened and after all this is Tim Tebow we are talking about. Maybe this was God’s Plan all along.

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  1. Should all this come about, and Tim steps on the gridiron, the media will provide all the support and focus on real faith. They, we believe, wanted to get rid of him (and some NFL players) because of his strong beliefs, living the faith, and love of his fellow players. Our country was founded upon faith and Judeo-Christian principles. Unfortunately, today, we see a media and many politicians gnashing at the teeth, and there’s a reason. I am so happy for Tim Tebow. May others embrace their faith and love of their fellow men and women.

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