Shohei Ohtani is the Most Gifted Baseball Player of All-Time and it’s Not Even Close

Listen up folks. We are living in a time with the most gifted baseball player to ever exist. There is not one thing on a baseball Diamond that the man cannot do at the HIGHEST levels of the sport. It’s unparalleled. It’s unheard of. And it’s not nearly being appreciated enough.

Close your eyes. Imagine an NFL Quarterback, a Top 5 QB, who also happens to play Linebacker and leads the league in tackles. Imagine a Top 5 goal scorer in the NHL who also happens to play goalie every fifth game.

There’s has never been a Major League Baseball who could do this:

And also do this:

And this too:

Babe Ruth threw a bean bag 80 MPH against guys who were 5 foot 3 and smoked butts while up at bat. Shohei Ohtani is facing the most skilled baseball players to ever live and he is besting them on both sides of the Diamond.

An historic athletic performance is taking place in front of our eyes. Treasure it while you can.

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