Lance, or Fields. Make the Damn Pick, Bill!

I’ll make this brief. PICK A QB.

You can’t win without one. Undoubtedly. Unequivocally. CANNOT WIN WITHOUT ONE. Not a pretty good one. Not a middling one. A legitimate capital Q, QUARTERBACK.

Lots of talk around here about re-acquiring Jimmy G. While I’ll acknowledge, the acquisition cost is appealing- talk is maybe a conditional 2nd, or a pick(s) next year, even- and would allow you to continue to bolster the team around him, I just don’t see Jimmy G making a huge difference. He makes you better than last year, at least while he’s upright. And theoretically, I’d tolerate him as a “bridge guy” as people are describing him, but a bridge to what? Unless you’re taking one of the top 5 QB’s this year, I’m really not interested. Also, a bridge guy needs to be reliable. Jimmy is anything but.

In an offseason where Belichick broke from his mold, and spent top dollar on multiple Day 1 & 2 free agents, he needs to break from his mold once again, and PAY for QB. Move up ahead of Denver, and take Lance or Fields…whomever you favor. You have the ammo to move up. DO IT. Don’t trade down, and take some fat guy. Don’t trade for what turns into 9 second day picks, spread over the next half-decade. Get your guy, NOW

You fucked this up when you could’ve had Lamar. Don’t let a golden opportunity pass yet again. Go get your guy.

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