Vlad the Impaler

Not one.

Not two.

But three ding dongs (including a Grand Salami) for Vlad Guerrero Jr. last night.

Vladdy Jr. has been impaling (get it) opposing pitchers all month long and is off to a rip roaring start to the season:

Mad asking some history too:

Not too shabby for a guy who a lot of pundits had written off after last season’s lackluster sophomore outing. But anyone paying attention could see that Vlad was primed for a breakout campaign. He looked downright trim in Spring Training and the effects are immediately clear. Already Vladdy has nearly eclipsed his entire 2020 HR production.

The season is just getting started but for those of us that loaded up on Vladdy Chrome Rookies while his market was down, the future looks bright indeed.

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