Music Warz – Thunderstruck vs Thunder Road vs Thunder Island

Hello Hi-Top Nation and welcome to Music Warz, our latest and greatest feature series where the Hi-Top Music Experts will be debating only the most important and topical arguments in the world of music. This is serious stuff folks.

For our debut War we have three very different songs that were released roughly 40 years ago by three very different artists and they all contained the word “thunder” in their title. A coincidence? Me thinks not. This was war and as such a winner must be declared.

Thunderstruck vs Thunder Road vs Thunder Island

Listen up folks cuz this is how you start a Rock n Roll song. If you aren’t instantly all in then I don’t know what to do for ya cuz I think you no longer have a pulse. I’ve never seen AC⚡️DC live but I’ve got to imagine this one really gets the crowd going. Like this is THE concert kickoff jam of all kick off jams. My only real complaint is that the intro goes on and on and on and on and then keeps going. It’s like 2 minutes before the drums start. That’s like 45 seconds too long. The other problem with “Thunderstruck” is that while the intro riff is titanic the rest of the song never gets anywhere close to that level. The lyrics kinda stink, the drums are weak and the main part of the song pales mightily to little Angus’s riff. The opening is a 10 but the rest of the song is a weak 6 by AC⚡️DC standards.

Now I know “Thunder Road” is a Springsteen classic but even the most ardent BBWAA Bruce lovin’ white dude (lookin at you Cap) has to admit that this one is like Springsteen Bingo. It’s the SNL skit version of a Bruce song. You got “Mary”, you got the no longer young couple trying to escape their loser town, all the driving metaphors you can handle, the only thing missing is the factory on the edge of town. And you know what, that’s fine. That’s Bruce. But what really skins my gord is that “Thunder Road” never really goes anywhere. It’s all build up and no payoff. The drums, the guitars, the chorus, everything needs to be ten times bigger than it is. And I’m not sure if this is supposed to be a Christmas time story but it really sounds like ol’ Max is behind the kit whacking on sleigh bells. There’s just too much damn jingling going on.

First off Jay Ferguson is the dictionary definition of a Ladies Man. Just look at those flowing locks. Secondly, two seconds in and I’m hooked. This song is a VIBE right from Jump Street. Get me on the first ferry to Thunder Island cuz that’s where the Lil’ Dogg NEEDS to be. I imagine the drinks flow freely. The ladies are obviously stunning. Sure it seems to rain a lot but sipping a tropical cocktail during a little thunder storm is a mood I can deal with. Eat your heart out Springsteen cuz our man Ferguson is putting on a clinic with his doo-dah-doo’s and wha-wha-wha’s. That’s how you get things done. “Thunder Island” moves, “Thunder Island” boogies and it rocks too. All at the same damn time. That is no mean feat right there. And if we’re talking about story songs I’ll take this tale about a guy and gal living it up and falling in and out of love on an island over two sad sacks who can’t get their shit together enough to like move out of town or whatever.

Winner – Thunder Island

And it’s not even really a contest folks. Jay Ferguson and his tale of loving and losing out on Thunder Island takes the cake.

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