Jersey Talk – There’s No Red in the Red Sox?????


Color the Lil’ Dogg shocked, SHOCKED!, I say. The Boston Red Sox, card carrying members of the most prestigious of Boston Sport Tradition, that being the blandest of bland uniforms, has gone and added actual COLOR to an alternative uni!!!!!!

First off, A+ for effort. At least the home town team tried something.

Now did they actually pull it off? Ehhhh sort of.

The hats are DOPE. That’s undeniable. Powder blue is always the right choice in any uniform decision. Kinda of “can’t mess it up” situation whenever you throw in the baby blue. These hats are must have for the summer for sure.

These jerseys on the other hand….are actually growing on me quite quickly. Like in the middle of that last sentence I went from 🤔 to 😍. I think I I kinda of love these jerseys. The yellow and blue just works. Obviously these are the traditional Boston Marathon colors and that’s theme and all but they could have really screwed the palette up and they didn’t. And yes once again the powder blue is doing the yeoman’s work here but the yellow is no slouch. And the real kicker is the yellow cleats (see what I did there). Any other color cleat and the whole look is ruined. The yellow cleats need to be mandatory.

Overall I give the Sox a standing O for these alternative uniform. They had an idea and went all in and it works. Now if we can just get the rest of these Boston teams on board with taking a chance…

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