GreenTeamers Report – Tear the Whole Damn Thing Apart

Aaron Gordon.

This is what it’s come to for the Boston Celtics? Pinning hopes on getting Aaron freakin’ Gordon. Fretting about what you have to give up for Aaron MF’ing Gordon.



This is the proverbial line in the sand for your ol’ pal the Lil’ Dogg. Aaron Gordon is the exit where this pup hops off the bus.

If we are talking about Aaron Gordon then it’s time to just tear the whole damn building down. Lest we forget that the Boston Celtics play in the same conference as Giannis and the Brooklyn Nets and hell even Simmons and Embiid.

If this is where we are at as a franchise then it’s really just time to start fresh. I’m talking complete make over here folks and I ain’t kidding. Pick a Jay. Either one. Brown or Tatum. Does not matter which just pick one and get everything you can for the other. Your stuck with Kemba until you can buy him out so that’s dead money but at least a Jay could get you mega draft picks. Honestly the only player worth a keeping is Rob Williams. Everyone else can go. I’d love to keep Marcus forever but he’s a piece that deserves to be integral to a championship caliber team and right now the Celtics ain’t that. Far far far from it.

It’s the hope that kills you. And for the past handful of years the hope has been that this group could contend for a championship. Well that hope killed this team. Time to start over.

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