Boston Celtics Debut New Spinal Tap Inspired Jersey

In 1984 Spinal Tap unleashed upon the world their “none more black” album cover:

And now 37 years later the Boston Celtics have debuted their “none more green” alternate jersey:

Listen folks, the Lil’ Dogg has spilled A LOT of ink on the failures of Boston sport team jerseys. A LOT!

But this one here by the Celtics just might take the cake. It’s their what…fourth alternate jersey???? And instead of trying anything different, ANYTHING, they instead go with even more of what they already have.

What could possibly have been the thought process here???? That the one thing visually the Celtics need is MORE GREEN?????? They wanted so much green they went and got the guy NAMED Green and had him model the jersey!!!! I’m honestly just baffled. I can respect a bad idea when it’s at least an attempt at something. This isn’t an attempt at anything. This is the jersey design equivalent of the shrug emoji.

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