The Home Run Hammer and other reasons why College Baseball is the New College Basketball

Pop quiz hot shot – Name three current college basketball players?

That’s right. You can’t. Maybe you got Cade Cunningham. Maybe. But beyond that there are ZERO college hoops stars. The games by and large stink. The Refs are god awful and the whole thing is a major drag. On the Fun Scale the current state of NCAA Basketball is a big fat ***fart noise***

But you know what is fun? This tweet:

That’s Top Shelf interneting right there folks. And it’s coming from a College Baseball program.

College Baseball is hot in the streets!

Yes really. You got passion. You got personality. You have moments like these:

Yes that’s a “Home Run Hammer” via Virginia Tech.

How about pitchers staring down entire benches:

Or maybe just pitchers going insane on the mound:

How about just a random Medieval Axe Fight:

College Baseball has it all!!!!!

And the best part is you don’t even have to really watch the games. You can just follow all the fun on Twitter though as a certified baseball junkie this pup does highly recommend adding the SEC Baseball Season to your Must Watch rotation. Vanderbilt is trotting out the #1 and #2 pitching prospects in the 2021 MLB draft. The state of Mississippi has two electric programs and South Carolina has a dude with more HRs than games played.

College Baseball – It’s Everything College Basketball used to be!!!!

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