Hi-Top Top 13 Cartoon Theme Songs from the 1980s and 90s

The late 80s and early 90s were THE heyday for cartoon theme songs. While the shows themselves may have been hit or miss the tunes that kicked them off were almost universally great. But which ones were the best of the best? Don’t worry folks cuz Hi-Top is here to tackle tough questions just like this.

Hi-Top Top 13 Cartoon Theme Songs

13. Darkwing Duck

The Darkwing Duck song is top notch no doubt but unfortunately it has to compete with DuckTales and as we shall soon find out that is not a fair fight at all.

12. A Pup Named Scooby Doo

This is the essence of the Hi-Top difference right here folks. No one else is checking for that umpteenth spin-off of the Scooby Doo franchise but let me learn ya, this song is a banger.

11. Pinky and the Brain

The perfect match of tone of song and tone of show.

10. Heathcliff

Team Heathcliff 4 Life! Garfield can suck it!

9. Muppet Babies

This one is sorta cheating cuz I’m pretty sure it’s just a cover of a Four Seasons song with different lyrics but I’ll allow it cuz it’s the Muppet Babies and that show kicked ass.

8. C.O.P.S.

It takes a second to get there but when this one finally kicks in it’s a bop as the kids say. Not sure how this hasn’t been sampled and looped into a club banger.

7. Tailspin

It’s a vibe y’all. It’s a vibe.


The best theme songs are able to completely sum up an entire show in 1 minutes time. This jam does just that – you know the ins and outs of every character by the end. Perfect execution. Totally radical dude. Now let’s get a slice.

5. The Chipmunks

If Starship or REO Speedwagon was fronted by Alvin & the Gang. This is definitely the sneaky best song on the list. Believe you me the Lil’ Dogg is no fan of the Chipmunks but this song is a late 80s pop rock masterpiece.

4. Mask

Mask was an acid trip G.I. Joe rip off but it’s theme song was straight eighties Cheese Rock. So so bad but oh so good.

3. Animaniacs

This is just next level songwriting right here. Whoever penned this jam hopefully went on to a well paid career writing pop songs or jingles or whatever the hell they want cuz they are a wizard with words and melodies.

2. Inspector Gadget

The instrumental here is so dope it became a legit Hip Hop classic.

1. DuckTales

🎵DuckTales woo hoo🎵

Was there really any debate over the Number 1 spot? Facts is facts and the fact is the DuckTales theme is up there with the best of the best – Growing Pains, Cheers, you name it, DuckTales goes head to head with any of them.

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