Hi-Top Top 5 Sports One Hit Wonders

Everyone knows what a musical one hit wonder is – a band or artist that seemingly comes out of nowhere to have a chart busting hit, overnight success that then vanished as quickly as it came never yo be heard from again.

But can the same phenomenon be applied to Sport. Are there Sport One Hit Wonders? Yes there are and Hi-Top has ranked the Top 5.

Hi-Top Top 5 Sports One Hit Wonders

5. Refrigerator Perry

1985 was the Chicago Bears year but more importantly it was The Year of the Fridge. Refrigerator Perry was everywhere in 85 including getting that TD in the Bears Super Bowl victory. The Fridge rapped, the Fridge got taken out by Big John Stud in Wrestlemania II, he was on magazines, he was on Oprah, he was everywhere. And then he was gone.

4. Scotty Thurman

Scotty Thurman is more of a One Shot Wonder I suppose:

Thurman nailed a game winning 3 to beat Dook in the 1994 NCAA Championship game. He was a solid college player who was all SEC. He declared for the 95 NBA draft after his Junior year when Arkansas lost in the Championship game and it was a shock to most when he went completely undrafted. While Thurman did have a long and successful overseas career he never did make it to the NBA.

3. Don Majkowski

The Majik Man only exists in 1989. He appeared out of thin air to lead the NFL in passing yards then at the conclusion of the season *poof* he went back to whence he came and was never seen or heard from again and I will not acknowledge anything otherwise.

2. Michael Chang

Michael Chang was 17 when he defeated Stefan Edberg to win the French Open in 1989.

You could tell me that was the one and only tennis tournament that Chang ever played in and I’d believe you.

1. Icky Woods

If you weren’t doing the Icky Shuffle after every backyard Touch Down in 1988 then I don’t wanna know ya. Icky Woods was so big in 1988 that the mass hysteria caused by the Icky Shuffle was so great that the NFL had to ban him from performing the dance in the End Zone. What a sad sorry day for America but leave it to the geniuses at the NFL to crush any fun out of professional football.

Unfortunately while the Icky Shuffle endures as the greatest end zone celebration of all-time, Icky’s career did not enjoy the same fate. An ACL injury derailed the Ickster in his second year and back then that was a career killer. He never recovered and we are left only with one magical dance filled season.

That’s it. That’s the list. Facts is facts and the fact is these guys magic moment in the sun came and went faster than Magic! or Fastball.

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