GreenTeamers Report – The Celtics Got Luka’d

It’s the morning after and the Lil’ Dogg is still in shock about the events of last nights Boston Celtics 107-110 loss to the Dallas Mavericks.

There are no Must Win games in February but if ever there was a Can’t Lose game this one was it. The Celtics are in more than a skid or a slide they are in an outright free fall and a solid win on the road would do wonders for the teams confidence.

Alas Luka Doncic was not havin’ it.

Let’s talk about the first last 3:

He’s dribbling around, gets stuck in the paint and manages to get the ball and his dribble back then works his way to a switch where Theis is now guarding him and from there everyone on planet earth knows he’s setting up his step back. Everyone except poor Daniel who falls hook, line and sinker for the jab step and has no chance recovering. You can’t let Luka get the ball back so easily after he gives it up there. That’s just poor team D.

The Game Winner on the other hand is just a tip your hat moment:

He’s 35 feet out on the wing with two guys in his face and he drills it like a practice free throw. There’s nothing you can do there. Some guys just hit big shots. Luka hits big shots.

The low angle of this is just nuts:

There’s absolutely NO DOUBT about that shot from the moment it leaves his hands. Just literally a perfect shot.

I don’t know where the Celtics go from here but right now they are a sub .500 team and have the look and feel of just that.

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