GreenTeamers Report – The Boston Celtics Have Issues

Blowing a Third Quarter 20+ point lead is bad enough but to do it to a sub .500 team of kids that are still trying to figure out NBA ball…well folks, that’s bad.

Real bad.

Being a GreenTeamer means never having to say sorry but honestly this team, this Boston Celtics group, needs a shake up.

I don’t what and I don’t know how but things need to change. Maybe it’s as simple as a lineup shakeup. Start playing different groups of guys instead of the usual rotations.

Maybe it’s a trade.

Maybe it’s Coach Brad.

The Lil’ Dogg isn’t taking anything off the table. All options are viable right now.

But something, anything, different needs to be given a shot cuz what we have going on right now…it ain’t it fam.

The NBA season is nearly half over but that means it’s also half full. Lots of time to right this ship. But they only way to do that is to try something new. Let’s hope they have the balls to do just that.

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