People Forget That Young Charles Barkley was a FORCE on the Court

Charles Barkley is 58 years young today.

For all the reminiscing about the greatness of Jordan and Magic and Bird, Barkley seems to get lost in the mix. And let me learn ya folks, peak Charles Barkley was every bit the dominating force on the basketball court as those other legends.

All this talk nowadays about how Zion Williamson is a freak on the court like nothing we’ve ever seen well Young Charles was Zion before Zion, barreling down the court on fast breaks, going behind his back, block shots into the stratosphere, Young Charles could do it all.

Happy Birthday Chuck! – another people forget – Chuck wasn’t “Chuck” until he started playing for the Suns almost ten years into his career. Paul Westphal dubbed Charles “Chuck” and its crazy to think he ever wasn’t a Chuck.

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